Sleeping District

Shot on 16mm film in the outskirts of Moscow, Sleeping District is a document of the residential, concrete structures built during the Soviet Era. Static shots of massive apartment blocks and interior views of private apartments forms the visual side, which is intercut with a textual side constructed of observations and memories of the residents, translated from Russian into a broken English.
Entering private homes built on tangible experiences, memories and imagination, the film questions how we think of collective memory and how the present may hold traces of history, family relations and political ideologies in the shapes of physical objects and structures.

Original title Sleeping District
Script/Camera/Edit Tinne Zenner
Sound Silent
Year 2014
Running time 12min
Screening format 16mm / DCP/HD
Countries of production Russia/Denmark

Screenings & Exhibitions
The 52nd Ann Arbor Film Festival, March 2014
Milwaukee Underground Film Festival, May 2014
Projections, New York Film Festival, October 2014
CPH:DOX, Copenhagen, November 2014
The 52nd Ann Arbor Film Festival Tour Program, 2014-2015
Portland International Film Festival, February 2015
Alchemy Film & Moving Image Festival, Scotland, April 2015
Imagina, Karlovy Vary Film Festival, Czech Republic, July 2015
Antimatter, Victoria BC, Canada, October 2015
RUM / NORDIC LIGHT: ART, Göteborg Konsthall & Göteborg Film Festival, Sweden, 2016
Gloria Biograf, Copenhagen Architecture Festival, Denmark, 2016
The National Gallery/SMK, Copenhagen Architecture Festival, Denmark, 2016
Image Forum Festival Tokyo, 2016
Sheffield Fringe, 2016
Walden presents: The Rendered Earth - Films by Tinne Zenner, Fylkingen, Stockholm, Sweden - Oct 28, 2018