Sharna Pax is a film collective working between the fields of anthropology, documentary, and visual art. They work independently as artists and filmmakers and collaboratively organise screenings and discussions as part of their ongoing dialogue. Founded in 2013 by Maeve Brennan, Therese Henningsen and Tinne Zenner.

Based in London and Copenhagen.

2022 Every Day You Begin, Horse Hospital, London
2021 Earth Day on Screen, Somerset House, London
2020 NARRATIONS.S, Brussels (cancelled due to COVID)
2020 Stand by me, Til Vægs, Copenhagen
2017 Solstice, Grow Elephant, London
2017 Blackboards, Chisenhale Gallery, London
2017 JunkWorkMeatSpace, Eastside Projects, Birmingham
2017 Two Films by Mania Akbari, Close-Up Cinema, London
2016 Knotted Fields: Part III, Close-Up Cinema, London
2016 Knotted Fields: Part II, FilmStationen, Copenhagen
2016 Knotted Fields: Part I, Cinemateket, Copenhagen
2016 Noise Is What Makes Our Observations Imperfect, CPH Short Film Festival, Copenhagen
2015 Close-Up: Anna, Close-Up Cinema, London
2015 How To Work Together, Chisenhale Gallery, London
2015 La Videoshop Paris, La Vidéoshop, Paris
2015 Dec-a-lage Beirut, Maskan Apartment Project, Beirut
2015 Dec-a-lage Copenhagen, Husets Biograf, Copenhagen
2014 Dec-a-lage London, Sharna Pax HQ, London