A film centred on the production of landscape and concrete in the Arrábida Natural Park, Portugal. Covering a vast area of coast, caves, mountains and forest, the park is inhabited by a massive factory that branches through the landscape via chutes and shuttle systems over and under ground to transport the porous material from the quarries to the factory, then to the shipping harbour. There is a constant movement of material through the park. Documenting the various layers of the sourced material, the factory body and the constructed landscape, the film looks at how time is physically embedded in the matter and how the molecular particles act in a circular re-shaping of the whole.
The film merges 16mm footage shot in the area of Arrábida with 3D animation of the topographic landscape as an equal analogue layer. The 3D animation is built from height data of the specific landscape and animated with particle systems (large systems of small units that can simulate ephemeral matters such as explosions, water, fog, dust, etc.). The animated landscape is established from particles into a whole and dissolved from the molar to the molecular respectively. While mapping the earth, the 3D animation acts as a guiding layer of camera paths through the landscape. Há só uma terra. There is only one earth.

Original title Arrábida
Script/Camera/Edit Tinne Zenner
Sound Maile Colbert
Colorgrade Anders Bloch-Rose / Shortcut
Year 2017
Running time 16min
Screening format 16mm / DCP/HD
Countries of production Portugal / Denmark

Screenings & Exhibitions
CPH:DOX Copenhagen - Denmark 2017 (World Premiere)
Courtisane, Ghent - Belgium (International Premiere)
Union Docs (w. live score by Maile Colbert), NYC - US
Images Festival, Toronto - Canada
Artists' Television Access, San Francisco - US
Fracto, Berlin - Germany
Imagine Science Film Festival Paris - France
EXiS, Seoul - Korea
25FPS Festival, Zagreb - Croatia
EXPOSURE, curated by Tomonari Nishikawa, Kopernik Observatory, NY - US
Antimatter 2017, Victoria BC - Canada
Mediated Matter, Kunsthal Charlottenborg, CPH - DK
Edge of Frame, London International Animation Festival - UK
Light Field, San Francisco – US
Trento Film Festival - Italy
Walden presents: The Rendered Earth - Films by Tinne Zenner, Fylkingen, Stockholm, Sweden - Oct 28, 2018
Nomadica - Bologna, Italy - Nov 1-4, 2018
ANALOGICA - Bolzano, Italy - Nov 14-18, 2018
Spectral Film Festival, Stevens Point, WI - US
ANALOGICA - ATA, San Francisco, US - July 19th, 2019

Supported by The Danish Arts Foundation