Original title Sleeping District
Director Tinne Zenner
Sound Silent
Year Digital 2014, 16mm 2015
Running time 3min
Screening format 16mm / HD
Countries of production Belgium

Digital 3D animation - exhibited on 16mm, projection loop, silent.

With a starting point in the architectural facades of Brussels, the postcards become a filter through which to view the city as a facade. Whereas the front of the postcard is a construction of the identity of the city, the back is a singular personal reference. In architecture façadism is when the building is demolished leaving only the façade.
In a porous grid system of lines, layers and time, the facade becomes our shared reference to read the temporal space of the city. The digital, animated sharp glitches sparks the contrasted and grainy black and white analogue film and the film inhabits the cinema space with a flicker-like meditative pulse.

Screenings & Exhibitions
ADÎEU, Gallerie de l'ERG, Brussels, Belgium - 2014
Porosité = Poreuse Cité, Danske Grafikere, Copenhagen, DK - 2015
The Rendered Earth, PIX Film Gallery, Toronto, Canada - 2017

Walden presents: The Rendered Earth - Films by Tinne Zenner, Fylkingen, Stockholm, Sweden - Oct 28, 2018