Honeycomb Image/Archive Cladding

Collaboration with Eva la Cour, 2019
Honeycomb is the name of a technique used in facade restoration of marble. In Denmark several buildings worthy of preservation are covered with marble from Greenland, extracted during the inter-war period (1930s). Among other buildings is Overformynderiet (The Public Trustee’s Office) in Copenhagen.
In the work Honeycomb Image/Archive Cladding, visual artists Eva la Cour and Tinne Zenner juxtapose their own film recordings of the renovation of Overformynderiet in Copenhagen (2019) with Jette Bang’s film recordings from the marble mine in Maarmorilik (1938). In the relation between Greenland and Denmark, the work explores different layers of images, facades and labour.
A collaboration with the Greenland National Museum & Archives and the National Museum of Denmark, in the film archives of which several state commissioned films from the newly modernized Greenland were found and digitized in 2012. The films were filmed by the Danish photographer and filmmaker Jette Bang in 1938/1939.

16 mm film, 13min 25sec + 9min 30sec
Video, 10min 30sec (Filming of Kulbrudet, Marmorbrudet.mov (digitized 16mm footage filmed by Jette Bang, 1938) at The National Museum of Denmark’s Archive.
Scaffolding, marble honeycomb plates, rear projection foil, projectors, loopers
Installation views:
Arctic Stations / Møstings Hus / 29/2 - 19/4 2020
Photo: David Stjernholm

Installation view: Greenland National Museum / Nuuk Nordic, 2019